Art has no boundaries this is proven by the work of five artists from across the world who have come together producing the ‘Interspaces Exhibition’, with guests invited to visit on the 5th November doors open at 6pm, the exhibition will start at 7pm

The exhibit, held at Polish Centre ‘Wilno’ Manchester in Eccles, will showcase posters, prints, illustrations, and paintings with the message that art is beyond borders, helping to unite people over the separation that is sometimes felt in the world. Uniting us through difficult experiences such as the current Coronavirus Pandemic.

The project, which took almost a year to finalise, aims to show people that art is beyond borders, viruses, and the things that feel as though they keep us apart; art is something that unites.

Visitors can expect to be inspired by the newly established Polish Centre ‘Wilno’ which showcases Polish traditions, history and culture that is proudly supporting the five artists who are presenting their work with worldwide inspirations.

Manchester artist Kamila Kasperowicz, who has published three books, including ‘British Stuff’, is one of the five artists to bring together this creation.

Her pieces displayed in the Interspaces exhibition are inspired by Manchester. The city which she now lives in has given her food for thought and enabled the creation of her series of screen prints.

She said: “My prints are inspired by this great city, by its architecture, typography and even the sky. I want to show my admiration for the ever changing and evolving city of Manchester.”

As well as a First Class Honours Degree in MA Design LAB from Manchester School of Art, Kamila also has a degree in Fine Art and Graphic Design. Her posters have received a distinction by the Taipei International Design Awards and in 2016 she was shortlisted for exhibit at Schenzhen Guan Shanyue Art Museum for the ecological and environmental posters she’d produced.

Kamila worked alongside four other artists, all living in different parts of the world, coming together to create a research group with the theme: Interspaces.

The other artists include graphic artist and painter, Ryszard Pielesz whose work is inspired by mountain landscape and rock motives. Ryszard has exhibited his work in Tokyo, Berlin, London and Maastricht.

Aleksander Ostrowski who has been a professor of fine arts since 2014 conducting classes in visual structure, graphic design.

The team also included Wojciech Osuchowski who is a graphic designer and prepress specialist. He works primarily with social posters and has had his work presented at over 190 solo and group exhibitions in Poland, Europe, Asia and both North and South America.

As well as Justuna Stefanczyk, graduate of fine arts from Krakow Faculty of Graphic Arts. She has taken part in exhibitions across Europe and America, and won the Silver Medal at the 1st Poster Biennial in Ecuador, for her poster entitled Sonia Deluanay (2016).

Visitors are asked to come and view the exhibition on 5/11/21, address: Polish Centre Wilno, Worsley Rd, Eccles, Manchester M30 8BL


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