Manchester has been a city that welcomes growth and innovation, ever since the days of the Industrial Revolution in Britain. Today, it’s a vibrant city and the perfect place to set up and run a business. It’s also worth noting that this major northern city has excellent rail and motorway links to London in the south and Scotland in the north. It’s perfectly located.

If you are thinking of setting up a business in Manchester, it helps to be aware of the opportunities for support and financing that exist. After all, these opportunities could be the difference between success and failure for your business.

1. Support for your business in Manchester

Support is something that is important for any business. It’s a lot harder to go it alone than it is to have access to advice and information when you need them. It’s worth taking a look at the Ask About Business service which is run online, through Manchester Library. It’s a treasure trove of resources which is useful for any business.

You may also find that joining the Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce is a good idea. It gives you access to support from other local businesses and provides you with useful training opportunities.

2. Funding for businesses in Manchester

There are times when any business needs additional funding in order to help with cash flow, or make business related purchases or investments. Businesses can apply for a cash advance for merchants, to help with these additional costs. Manchester City Council also provides loans to local businesses, where funding has been difficult to get elsewhere, or where there is a funding shortfall.

3. Business networking opportunities in Manchester

One of the best ways to get support for your business, and find new leads, is to attend local business networking events. These events provide an excellent opportunity for building links with other professionals. You may be able to use the services of these businesses and you may be able to help them. Networking also allows you to keep your finger on the pulse of the local business community.

Manchester City Council provides advice about local networking opportunities, as well as other useful support for local businesses. You may also find it useful to visit sites such as Event Brite and Meet Up where networking opportunities are often listed. The Meet Up site also provides you with the opportunity to look for groups of like minded people in the area, whose expertise and support might be useful to you.

Manchester is one of the best places in the UK to start a business, and to grow into a successful enterprise. There are never any guarantees that a business will survive, but in Manchester you get the support and funding opportunities that you need in order to give you the best chance of achieving business success. It’s a buzzing city that has always been supportive of initiative and innovation throughout the years, and continues to be so today.


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