Rishi Sunak has accused Labour of attempting to ‘depress their way to victory’ with talk of ‘doom-loops and gaslighting and scaremongering about pensions’

In what is widely seen as the start of the Tory’s election Sunak said that

“What I cannot accept is Labour’s idea that all the worries you have are because of 14 years of conservative government.

‘That all you need to do is change the people in office and your problems will magically disappear. It’s just not true”

He says that at heart Britain is a nation of optimists with an ‘innate belief’ that whatever the challenges it can overcome them

He accused Labour of trying to reduce it to 49 days of Liz Truss premiership arguing that people should vote Tory because it is a case of ‘better the devil you know’ – Labour, he says, would make Britain less safe

He described Kier Starmer as ‘completely and utterly unprincipled’ and said that he was engaged in a ‘cynical pursuit of power at any price’.

He has gone he added from ’embracing Jeremy Corbyn to Natalie Elphicke’

Sunak warned that Britain is facing one of the ‘most dangerous’ and life-changing periods in its history adding that Britain faces the most dangerous threat from colluding authoritarian states since the end of the Cold War with threats from Russia,China,Iran and North Korea

As to his thoughts on when the ekection actually takes place,

“I remain confident that my party can prevail, not because of our record alone, but because we will be the only party really talking about the future.”


Asked by the BBC’s Chris Mason whether the country will be less safe under Keir Starmer? Sunak replied “Yes”



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