A Bolton University Student is looking to the stars as he begins production on his first short science fiction feature film.

Third year undergraduate Lee Bolton has joined forces with graduates from the University to produce the mini movie, ‘Charlie and Me’.

Written when he was a teenager, the story is set in 2107 and follows The Pilot, a mother taken from her family who is drafted into the elite core to protect the Earth.
The futuristic setting has seen the team improvise using scraps found in skips and from office clearances. The spaceship took Lee and members of the production team a month to create.
‘We just asked if we could take things from local skips,’ said Lee. ‘Science fiction can be hard on a low-budget film. It can look terrible, cheap and a risk.
‘The chair in the spaceship is a just an old dentist chair and everything was painted, I have had a great team to put it together. The lifepod set and the VFX shots look amazing.’
Filming has taken place at Lee’s studio in Breightmet with actors from the North West in the starring roles.

Once produced, the film will be shown on the big screen at Cineworld Bolton complete with the red carpet treatment. 

‘I’m using my skills and techniques learnt from my degree, and from the amazing tutors, to add to my film making knowledge,’ said Lee.


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