STRIP! a new exhibition at the National Football Museum will launch today (22/11) looking through the history of football shirts and style.

The exclusive exhibition unpicks the ever-increasing global fascination with football shirts and how they have influenced football culture, design, fashion and technology.

STRIP! has over 200 shirts on display for you to look through, find your favourites and displays the worst of football fashion on the wall of shame. The exhibition is the largest curated exhibition of football shirts ever assembled in England.

It examines how football shirts have developed from mere kit to genuine objects of desire, looking at the design of the football shirt, from the functional to the aesthetic, influential designers and manufacturers and the rise of the football hipster, as well as detailing iconic shirts and shirt disasters.

The staff at the National Football Museum will be wearing a new football-shirt style kit made from bamboo.

The new shirt uses 50% sustainable bamboo mix which is also used in Forest Green Rovers’ shirt for this season.

The shirt has been designed by Manchester illustrator Stanley Chow who had the brief to ‘create something striking that represents the museum and football today.

It features a lighting bolt on the front, representing the energy of the football fans. Half of the front-facing design is a bold pink colour – representing the museum’s commitment to diversity.

The other half is white with the cross of St George on the reverse, reinforcing the message that the museum is England’s only national museum for football. On the back of the shirt is the number 12 which represents the fan involvement as the 12th player.

STRIP! will run from today (22/11)  until 07/06/2020. To plan your visit click here.


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