A new publishing App from Manchester based Comma Press will allow ausers to upload their work along with an audio reading. 

MacGuffin, a self publishing platform, was designed with Manchester Metropolitan University and hosts a variety of fiction and poetry including content by award-winning authors.

 Jim Hinks, the creator of MacGuffin, said: “Publishers have always sought new ways to connect readers and writers, and that’s what MacGuffin’s all about. If you’re a writer, people all over the world can hear your stories and your voice. If you’re a reader, it’s a fun way to discover and share new writing. MMU made that possible.”

The app has been shortlisted for the “Platform of the Year Award” in the Bookseller’s FutureBook Awards, 2015. Jim Hinks said: “The award recognises companies and individuals who are playing a key role in driving the publishing industry forward so to be recognised is an honour.”

Comma have worked alongsideDr Darren Dancey, a lecturer and researcher in Computational Intelligence, to develop the system. By using the University’s state-of-the-art @DigitalLabs facility, the app has been optimised for MacGuffin’s users.

Dr Dancey said: “The MacGuffin project was an excellent opportunity for Manchester Metropolitan to work with Comma Press on a project that used our expertise in software development and data analytics to enable new ways to access and create literature. The data analytics has the potential to open up new research into the consumption and categorisation of short form fiction.”

The development of a tagging system allows readers to filter stories, poetry and non-fiction to match their literary tastes, and the length of their journey. Making MacGuffin’s particularly suited to commuters.


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