Everyone has tried to navigate a poorly put together ecommerce website only to be let down by how difficult it is to get around. Going through menu after menu and having a hard time making a simple purchase can be so frustrating. Despite this, there are still many websites that struggle to make the actual buying process of ecommerce a priority. There are a number of things to consider when setting up a business online, whether it’s connected to the business website or is a separate one.

What Makes a Good Site

The future lies in online retail and ecommerce, but many companies still feel that simply creating a website is all they need to do to be successful. That couldn’t be further from the truth. The website has to be easy to navigate and engaging to look at or the orders are only going to trickle in. The bottom line is that customers won’t tolerate websites that are hard to navigate just like they wouldn’t shop in a cluttered or dirty retail store. If it’s too hard or frustrating to use, customers aren’t going to come back to the website. They’ll simply seek out another one. It pays to make the site easy to get around and simple and straightforward to use.

The best online shops are those that make it clear where you are with branding and logos that set them apart. They also make it super easy to browse what’s available with simple and nicely arranged menus that list the different options available. The layout will make sense and be easy to read, no matter what device a customer is on, maybe even adjusting to the device as necessary. It should be easy to make a choice and buy it without having to go through a huge number of pages simply to make a purchase. Again, too much work will send customers somewhere else.

Works on All Platforms

This is another important consideration of building a successful e-commerce website. A company’s business website must work on all formats. Some shoppers still browse using a traditional personal computer at home. Others like to shop on their laptop or tablet. Still others want to browse using their smartphone. That makes it really important that the website can be accessed using any device and format. The site must work equally well on large and small screens and with a variety of navigation tools – mouse, finger or stylus included.

Security for online purchases is another must have aspect of an online business. A secure website is vital for giving customers peace of mind when they make a purchase online. Any online company, from restaurants to those that sell tickets, needs to keep their customer information secure and safe. Without that assurance, customers may take their business to the competition. A green padlock in the address bar is what needs to be included. A safe and secure website is hugely important for any business, but getting ecommerce exactly right is vital for making it work.


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