Instagram is no more just a social media platform for sharing pictures of your food or your pets. It is now one of the largest social networking sites that is a melting pot of different creators. With over one billion monthly active users, it comes as no surprise that Instagram is on top of the social media strategies for almost all businesses, big and small. If you are new to Instagram and don’t know where to begin, follow these 3 simple steps to master Instagram for your business. From creating the right profile for your business to understanding the different Instagram features, and video marketing tips and tricks, this handy guide has everything you need to get started on Instagram.

1. Create a strong Instagram profile that people will want to follow

Your profile picture and bio are probably the first two things people will notice when they land on your Instagram account, and you only have a couple of seconds to grab their attention. Before you even begin creating your account, remember to switch your Instagram page from personal to a Business Profile. This gives you access to detailed analytics about your audience, your account, your posts, and more. And that’s not all, by switching to a Business Profile, you are also given the option to add an address and contact details (phone number and email) to your bio.

Once you have switched to the business model, start adding details to the other sections of your account. Make sure your profile picture is a clear image of your company logo or name so people can quickly identify your brand. Use the bio to generate hype and highlight your brand’s USP. Your company’s slogan, a gist of what your organization does, a witty statement, ongoing or upcoming giveaways, discounts, or offers are all great ways to generate buzz. The website section of the bio is where you can add a link to your website’s homepage or any specific landing page you want to direct your customer to. Remember, this is the only place in your entire Instagram account where you can add a clickable URL, so choose the link wisely. Be creative with your bio while making sure it matches the overall tonality and voice of your brand.

2. Be active and engage with your audience

Regardless of how perfect your Instagram account looks, it is of little to no use if you do not have an audience that engages with your posts. Once you launch your Instagram account, look for your target audience by searching hashtags and location-specific tags. Hashtags on your post descriptions are also important to increase your account’s visibility. People can discover you through hashtags and the Explore page. So make sure to use relevant hashtags on all your posts. Bonus tip – Instead of crowding your posts with super-popular hashtags that have millions of posts, target a specific niche that has only a few thousand posts, as this increases your chances of being discovered by other people who are using the same hashtags. Popular hashtags have thousands of posts coming up every second, making it very easy for your post to get lost in the crowd.

Another easy and effective way to increase your visibility is to stay active on your account. Post between one to three times every day, reply to all your comments, engage with your audience, re-share their stories and repost their posts, and follow accounts that inspire you and engage with their posts. Set aside a few minutes every day to interact with other accounts and build momentum. 

3. Diversify your content strategy

Single posts, carousels, videos, Boomerangs Instagram Stories, IGTV, and Reels – these are all the different formats in which you can upload content on Instagram. Here is a quick overview of the main Instagram formats – 

  • Images – 1:1, 1.91:1, and 4:5 pictures that show up on your feed.
  • Videos – A 1-minute video that you can upload directly on your feed.
  • Carousel – Upload up to 10 photos and videos as one post that your audience can swipe through. Think of this as a mini-album.
  • Instagram Stories – Post photos or videos (up to 15 seconds long) that vanish after 24 hours. If you want your Instagram stories to stay on your account, you can save them to Highlights that are permanently displayed on your account.
  • IGTV – You can upload videos longer than 1 minute (up to 15 minutes from the mobile app and up to 60 minutes from the Instagram website) to your IGTV. A short preview of the video shows up on your main page, whereas the rest of the video can be accessed via a dedicated IGTV section on the account.
  • Reels – The latest offering from Instagram, Reels lets you post short 15 second videos and photo clips with fun animations, audio, and video effects. Like IGTV, Reels also has a dedicated section on your account with a preview on your main page.

Take time to understand all the different formats, mix and match, and create a content strategy that incorporates all these different formats into your weekly or monthly schedules. Show off your products and services through carefully curated pictures and video slideshows. Take your audience on a fun behind-the-scenes experience through Instagram Stories or make short informative videos for your IGTV. The popularity of video content is on a steady rise, so capitalize on it by creating engaging and entertaining high-quality videos. 

With business-specific features that make it easy for organizations to not only connect with their audience but also market and sell their products and services, Instagram presents different opportunities for all types of enterprises. Use free online tools like to edit and create stunning videos to set yourself apart from the crowd. Whether you are a brick and mortar store or an e-commerce entity, if you have something to sell, you need to be on Instagram. Use the 3 tips mentioned above to get started on your Instagram journey and grow your brand through the platform.


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