Salford Council revealed its vision for Salford Quays for the next eight years

Unveiled in the Lowry Theatre’s Compass room which gives grand views of the Quays yesterday evening, The blueprint, titled ‘Salford Quays: A New Vision 2030’, names five guiding principles for future development at the neighbourhood with it expected to double in size over the next decade.

More than a thousand people and local businesses fed into an extensive consultation process in Summer 2021 to help shape the document which will ultimately seek to ensure that the Quays is a place that works for everyone.

Central to the vision is the proposal that the waterfront neighbourhood further develop its own identity with a new town centre situated between MediaCity, the Lowry and Cotton Quays supported by new cafes and restaurants which open out on to the waterfront.

There will be distinctive neighbourhood identities that meet the different needs of those who live, work and play in the Quays. A year-round cultural programme will showcase the city’s greatest artistic talents and the vision proposes a new all-weather pavilion by the waterfront for consideration over the next few years.

It also commits to finding space for a new historic or cultural walking trail to tell the Quays’ unique story as one of Europe’s most successful regeneration projects so that its community feels better connected to our city’s roots and the people that made it.

Paul Dennett, Salford City Mayor said: “The historic regeneration of Salford Quays is one of our city’s greatest success stories. It has become a beacon of opportunity and inspiration for those working in our creative industries and for the vibrant and diverse communities who call it home.

“Its growth over the next decade will further our ambitions for Salford to be a pioneering city in developing and nurturing skills in the media, technology and cultural sectors with more opportunities for Salford residents to tap into this world-class resource on our doorstep.

“As this neighbourhood flourishes, we must make sure that people are placed at the centre of the Quays’ future. This is at heart of the vision – to show how the successes and lessons over the last 30 years are the blueprint for delivering a neighbourhood that works for all. It has been born by the views and priorities of the local communities who make the Quays such a special place to be.

“Through this vision, the Quays of 2030 will not just be the landmark destination for culture, entertainment, media and skills in the North West, it will also be a neighbourhood that echoes the vibrancy of its communities, is better connected to the waterfront, celebrates its rich history and makes space for everyone.”

Stephen Wild, Managing Director, Media City said: “MediaCity and Salford Quays is a unique destination and as a business, we have been committed to its regeneration for the last four decades. It is already a fantastic place – with homes, employment and learning opportunities, plenty of wide-open space and an unrivalled waterside leisure and cultural offering.

“We are excited to continue working in partnership to grow and develop the area, putting people at the centre of a collective, long-term vision to create even more sustainable and innovative places to live, work and visit.”


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