Innovative property management company, Daniel Johns Group, has announced the launch of Rock Spice, a high-end fusion food restaurant opening in Manchester later this month.

The restaurant will focus on Asian fusion dining, with chefs taking inspiration from traditional Pakistani, Indian and Bangladeshi cuisines combined with Western influences, while also infusing traditional rock spice into each dish which has been used in Asian cooking for generations.

Daniel Johns Group has invested £10 million into the launch of the new premium dining concept, with Rock Spice restaurants set to open in Liverpool, Blackpool and London by the end of the year, and at an additional two sites by spring 2019.

There are also further expansion plans on the horizon, with the company aiming to open 20 – 25 Rock Spice restaurants throughout the UK within the next three years, and plans to take the concept to Pakistan already in the pipeline.

Daniel Johns Group recently diversified its offering to revolutionise food franchise investments and currently holds a portfolio of multiple global brands including The Counter Custom Burgers, and Nancy’s Pizzeria which currently boasts 27 restaurants throughout North America.

Khalid Iqbal, Chairman at Daniel Johns Group, said: “The new restaurant and lounge offers a unique dining experience; bringing together the best elements of cooking from around the world, along with a family-friendly atmosphere, bar area where guests can relax with a drink, and lighting to create a fantastic ambiance.

“Manchester’s dining scene is one of the most robust in the UK, so we’re immensely proud that we’re able to bring our new high-end dining concept to the city.

“Authentic Pakistani food is something we’re extremely passionate about, so we’re looking forward to bringing this offering to Manchester and the rest of the North West, and are excited to see what the future has in store for our newest restaurant brand.”

Rock Spice’s Manchester restaurant opened to the public on Saturday 6th October.

Rock Spice is located at 730 Chester Road, Stretford, Manchester M32 0RS, in the newly refurbished ex-Chesters Hotel.


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