Photo: Ian Charles Mark Riss Belle Vue Rentruck Aces v Wolverhampton Parrys International' Wolves, SGP Premiership KOCup Final 2nd Leg, 16 October 2017

Belle Vue have moved to sign German-born Mark Riss in a bid to boost their efforts to reach the 2018 Play Offs, and he will make his debut for the club at home against King’s Lynn on August 6.

The move comes at the expense of Jye Etheridge as team boss Mark Lemon looks to bolster his side after wins for the Stars and for Poole on Monday saw the Rentruck Aces bumped out of the top four.

Etheridge has shown rapid progress around the National Speedway Stadium but has struggled for some time to find form on the road, and it’s this inexperience, says Lemon, that has sadly cost him.

He said: “I do feel for Jye. He’s only had a brief time in the top flight and has been a trooper at home but his lack of experience away is what’s influenced this decision and we felt the need for change.

“We cannot thank him enough for all the effort he’s put in throughout the season. He’s a good guy with a great deal of potential, and this is by no means the end of Belle Vue’s relationship with Jye.”

Riss, younger brother of Erik, has been in flying form for Championship side Ipswich and is familiar with most Premiership tracks after making his top-flight debut with Wolverhampton in 2017.

The 23-year old made 15 appearances for the Wolves last year and jumped at the chance to reignite his Premiership career with Belle Vue after being overlooked for a full-time spot earlier this season.

Lemon said: “Mark is a very exciting rider. He has a wealth of experience behind him and his enthusiasm to be riding for Belle Vue is very pleasing. He will fit nicely into the No.6 position.

“I’ve every confidence he will do a good job for us. He’s in good form for Ipswich and showed plenty of promise during his time with Wolverhampton. We’re really looking forward to working with him.”

Belle Vue Speedway would like to thank Jye Etheridge for all of his contributions to the Aces this season, and we wish him the very best of luck with Berwick for the remainder of the year.


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