Photo by Ian Charles: Dan Bewley (Red) leads Ellis Perks (White) Belle Vue Rentruck Aces v Rye House BRM Rockets, SGP Premiership, 23 June 2017

Words: Hayley Bromley
Images: Ian Charles

The Belle Vue Aces are really picking up momentum in their Premiership title chase after beating Rye House 52-38 at the National Speedway Stadium to go two points clear at the top of the table.

They are now in a prime position to pull further ahead when they journey to Poole on Monday where they are targeting maximum points at Wimborne Road; a place they are known to enjoy.

Things still got too close for comfort for Aces boss Mark Lemon however after a strong start from his side was met by a surge in form from the visitors, who tied the scores at 24 apiece at Heat 8.

With Rye House seemingly adapting well to conditions, the Rentruck Aces in turn followed suit after a vital 5-1 two races later provided the catalyst they needed to start chipping away an advantage.

But even though Steve Worrall and Rohan Tungate each, at one point, ended up riding one of their team mates’ bikes, it did nothing to quash their determination to overcome their opponent.

Star guest Troy Batchelor completed his first 14+1 maximum of the season riding in Belle Vue colours with fellow countryman Max Fricke hot on his heels scoring 13 hard-earned points .

Lemon said: “It was a fantastic win for the guys and boy did we need that, particularly at home although it would be much better if we could get the job done sooner rather than later.

“I must admit I was a little concerned when they drew it because there was a bit of grip that certainly Chris Harris, Scott Nicholls and even Ben Barker seemed to be really enjoying.

“Rye House came here and gave us a classic meeting, and they put on a really good show. We actually had quite a few dramas in the pits during the night, more than you would usually see.

“Steve Worrall had the worst luck with both his bikes packing up and one of Rohan Tungate’s did likewise so they had to jump on one of the other boy’s machines, which is not really ideal.

“But that’s the spirit of this team. Everyone rallied and helped wherever they could to get the result we needed and to be fair the Rockets they really made us work hard, they didn’t let up at all.

BT Sport follow Belle Vue to Poole on June 26 for Premiership action at Wimborne Road, before they return home on June 28 to face King’s Lynn. Tickets on sale at


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