The tech world is one that requires a lot of care and attention put toward its security systems. No matter the action or system it has to be secure with no gaps for malicious users to abuse. This keeps the funds and information of both the user and the house. 

Face detection and RFID are two very popular security systems that have applications in almost all of the industries available. Learning how these systems are set up and used is a key factor in understanding how to keep yourself safe from any scams and cyber-attacks.

RFID and Face detection are utilized in many more industries in the world than you may think. Ever since being officially invented in 1983 by Charles Walton the technology has come a long way. First being used mainly in transportation, people soon realized how diverse RFID can truly be and started applying it almost everywhere. This invention has led the Walton family to be one of the wealthiest families in the world.

The application of Face Detection

Face detection is a security measure believed to be popularised by Apple through their Face ID ever since the iPhone X. The system not only offers ease of access to its users by granting touchless and fast locking options. Many believe that the tech can be easily faked by using images and different media. But this is far from the truth since the technology is quite advanced and accurate ensuring security.

This tech has been ported to many systems online that require a high level of security on users’ accounts. Many of these systems are ones that have users’ funds connected to them with the most common ones being online casinos. Lots of online casinos that you can find at utilize face ID as an additional form of account security. Thus ensuring the funds of all their clients are kept safe and don’t fall into the wrong hands.

Furthermore, the security of these accounts can be further enhanced by users taking some extra safety measures themselves. Using services such as VPNs and password managers can boost the security of your online accounts tenfold. Everyone should put more focus on security as time passes, especially online.

How is RFID used for Security?

RFID chips are part of a high-tech method used most commonly by chip manufacturers for increased security at casinos. RFID chips look exactly like regular chips with the only difference being the RFID tag embedded inside. This tag is encoded with the monetary value of the chip and other data important to each casino. 

The tag has a small radio device that broadcasts secret serial numbers. Special equipment which is installed in the casino can use these serial numbers to identify if the chips are legitimate. This completely negates the risk of fraud during transactions involving casino chips.

RFID technology is quite cheap to implement which is a big attributor to its popularity as a security system. The only expensive part is the equipment required to utilize the tech fully. This includes RFID readers, computers, and networking hardware. 

Furthermore, the technology comes in low-frequency and high-frequency. With low-frequency chips are used mainly for counting, authentication, tracking, and security, While high-frequency RFID adds sophisticated tracking capabilities to the table.

Casinos are not the only medium where RFID sensors are applied. Many smart sensors can be deployed within stores to detect the arrival of new customers. The tags on clothes in stores that prevent stealing also use this technology. These are just a few of the many applications of RFID technology in the world.


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