Take the tunes of a Boy Band I personally never really knew I liked that much and a group of ‘hormonal’ (for different reasons!) girls and women, childhood dreams and real-life outcomes and you have ‘The Band’.

In a nutshell a tale of five sixteen year old girls who go to a concert together to see their amazing to-die-for boy band. 25 years later and there is a reunion not only of the band but of the grown up friends. This tale takes us on a journey through these two important concerts.

From beginning to end we were entertained by a wonderfully talented ensemble cast alongside the amazing talent that is the actual ‘band’ who slipped in and out of scenes (and the scenery) effortlessly.

A couple of heartbreaking slap-in-the-face moments make this more real life than fantasy but the humour and authentic everyday characters we meet, along with the catchiness of the tunes keeps us entertained aided by the marvellous musicians who brought the whole thing together.

Unsung Hero awards go to ‘Every Dave’ cropping up at various points in the production to hilarious effect to add, along with ‘100% Jeff’, some unfandom (is that a word?) to the proceedings.

The stage set was simply astounding and really managed to help us be present when the Band were ‘in concert’.

Fantastic finale but a word of warning make sure your mobile is well charged so you can join in with the torchlight fest that you are likely to want to join in with at the end …. as you’ll be dancing and singing too anyway it would be rude not to!!

Rip-roaring feel good fun…. if you go to see it I can confirm you will continue to wear a smile for some time afterwards



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