Salford MP and Labour leadership candidate Rebecca Long-Bailey says she would empower trade unions to negotiate ‘an end to the 24/7 work culture’ and stop employees receiving work emails outside of their normal working hours.

Speaking to BBC BReakfast this morning she said that

“Aspirational socialism is about us all rising together, and that means coming together to collectively solve issues that are damaging our mental health and stopping us getting quality time with our families or in our communities.

“We can all do better with aspirational socialism, through pushing for an end to the 24/7 work culture, and with trade unions empowered to negotiate this, we can work hard, be paid for the work we do and keep that precious time with our friends and family, uninterrupted by emails or demands.”

Questioned on where Labour had gone wrong in the last election, she said there had been poor messaging and too many policy positions emerging too quickly. “We were announcing policies every day, even I found it difficult to keep up.” She added that she had lobbied hard for the green industrial revolution pledge to be put front and centre of the campaign but “unfortunately” that had not happened.


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