Labour would bring in a new bill to ban zero-hours contracts and repeal anti-strike laws within 100 days of a new government says Deputy Leader and Greater Manchester MP Angela Rayner

Speaking to the TUC annual
Conference Rayner told Congress that it’s a “cast-iron commitment” that Labour will introduce an Employments Rights Bill “within the first 100 days of entering office”.

The bill would include legislation to strengthen sick pay,end the gender pay gap
and ban fire and rehire

“Labour has a comprehensive plan to create good jobs across the entire country” adding that her party would ban zero-hour contracts and introduce a “proper living wage that people can actually live on”

“The government’s agenda is a sham & a scam…. so let me tell you loud & clear… the next Labour government will ask Parliament to repeal these anti-trade union laws within the first hundred days.”

She told members that “The battle for the general election is getting started and it’s not going to be easy”

She also announced that Labour will outlaw the use of AI to blacklist workers

In her speech she reminded the audience that “The minimum wage meant I earned more. A local authority job gave me better skills at work, and a Sure Start centre better skills as a parent. And joining a union changed my whole life.”


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