Do you have a start-up in Manchester? Recent reports show that  Europe is a leading destination for start-up jobs.

Start-ups face a bit of a challenge when it comes to public relations strategies. The enterprise is new and there is a need for consumer awareness. In this crucial stage of a business, it is vital to have proper PR tactics. So, how do you make your start-up stand out amongst a pool of well-established companies?

While huge companies have the name and the bank to make them a media frenzy, start-ups usually struggle for media attention. However, there might be a way to manoeuvre the competition and create impactful awareness for your start up. Here are essential tips.

Address one goal at a time

With all the competition in the world of public relations, it is easy to want to achieve multiple things at a go. However, you are more likely to attain your goal if you solve them one by one. Do you want to attract new customers or increase website traffic? Maybe you want to establish leadership. No matter your goals, ensure to outline them definitively.

Define your story and message

Although packaging and quality highly affect consumer preference, it is your story that matters most. It is important to have a definitive message that you want to put across. Simply, consumers must be able to understand the why, what, where, when and how of your start-up.

Create a newsworthy subject

Whether it is your start-up launch, store opening or product exhibition, let it be thrilling enough to make the news. Some newsworthy topics include; expansion, new location, a new partnership, company celebration, executive hires and funding. Always choose a topic that makes people curious about your start-up.

Think about your storyline from the viewpoint of a journalist. Remember to counter-check your storyline for loopholes.

Getting Attention

Now that you have a definitive goal and an engaging story of your start-up’s journey, plan how to get maximum attention. What makes your start-up interesting?

Timing is everything in public relations; ensure your story matches the current events in your industry. Your message will have more impact if it is relevant to the current trends. Finally, make your story creatively and engagingly different.

Know your audience well

Do thorough research before you send your pitch to journalists. Make certain that your pitch matches the reporter’s style and topics.

Consider, what stories are important to your target audience? How does your story compare to others that have been released before?

Be precise

Nowadays, people are busier than ever. Therefore, you need to capture your audience’s attention fast and get straight to the point. Avoid filler words and cliché language. Compose such a compelling story that it will provoke instant action in your audience.

Form long-term relationships

Make long-term business relationships and always keep in touch with people you have worked with before. It could be in form of emails or other social media platforms.

Hire a reputable public relations agency

Hiring a reliable Manchester PR agency will provide better awareness and visibility for your start-up. You will also gain media contacts, a fresh perspective and a highly qualified team working on your campaign.


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