The Government has announced that £1.5 billion of reallocated HS2 funding is to be invested directly into the North West through Local Transport Fund to improve local transport connections

The announcement has been widely condemned as a recycling of already promised money

Henri Murison, chief executive of the Northern Powerhouse Partnership said he was “not particularly excited” by the details shared by ministers.

This is just repeating an old announcement, and recycling money from something that was cancelled,” he told BBC North West Tonight.

Andy Burnham wrote on X yesterday

“Didn’t they promise this exactly 10 years ago? They must think we are thick”

Louise Haigh shadow transport Secretary said

“The Conservative record speaks for itself – record delays and cancellations on the rail network, 22 million more potholes, and a record-breaking collapse in bus routes.”

She added: “Only the Conservatives could have the brass neck to promise yet another ‘transformation’ of transport infrastructure in the Midlands and north after 14 years of countless broken promises to do just that.”

The announcement comes on the day that he holds a Cabinet meeting in Yorkshire and the Humber.

The new investment – announced as part of Network North – will deliver an unprecedented long term funding uplift across the region over seven years says the Government adding that it is the first transport fund of its kind targeted at smaller cities, towns, and rural areas, which empowers local communities and local leaders to invest in the transport projects that matter most to their areas.

According to the Department for Transport in their press release ,the money will be used for the Building new roads and improving junctions ,Installing or expanding mass transit systems,and Improving roads by filling in potholes and better street lighting for personal safety

The release adds that there will be an improvement to journey times for car and bus users by tackling congestion

They will Increase the number of EV chargepoints Refurbishing bus and rail stations  and improve streets so they are safer to walk children to school and increasing accessibility for all.

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak said:

“We have a clear plan to level up our country with greater transport links that people need and deliver the right long-term change for a brighter future.

“Through reallocating HS2 funding, we’re not only investing nearly £1.5 billion directly back into smaller cities, towns, and rural areas across the North West, but we are also empowering their local leaders to invest in the transport projects that matters most to them – this is levelling up in action.

“The Local Transport Fund will deliver a new era of transport connectivity. This unprecedented investment will benefit more people, in more places, more quickly than HS2 ever would have done, and comes alongside the billions of pounds of funding we’ve already invested into our roads, buses and local transport services across the country.”


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