Do you love playing money-making games? Who, of course, doesn’t love these sorts of games providing entertainment with real money? Online gambling games are the hot topic in this segment of making money with real-time joy. Let’s have a look now for further discussion. 

People have been playing games of chance & wagering for thousands of years. Today, the activity comes to game parlours, casinos, and progressively online. The online gaming market shows the widely growing segments of the gambling industry. The Oryx iGaming is now coming with the latest pursuit in the Dutch gaming market. This is now compliant with Dutch regulations. They will allow the local partners to manage the entire gaming suite. 

They will feature a set of tools, including- player & payments management. However, they offer a predominant source of enjoyment by adding analytics, compliance, and reporting features. This comprehensive platform has player protection management features as well. Finally, the long-awaited Dutch online gaming experience is now live on October 1. Oryx comes with player account management (PAM) to 

Oryx Gaming Agreed to Launch iGaming Platform in Netherlands 

The Ljubiljana settled company arranged a press conference on Thursday to detail the new coming. The gaming innovator enterprise declared the art-of-state solution also offers an online gambling industry. They mentioned that they’re working on seamless innovation in the sportsbook & lotteries as well. 

Bragg considers Netherlands players a crucial part of a strategy to grow in the market. They added the company sees great potential in the territory. However, the gaming company follows the Dutch government guidelines to develop the latest gambling gaming model. They process the reporting & other crucial features as required by the Dutch government. 

Chief technical officer at Bragg, Peter Lavric commented the Dutch gaming market soon experiences high-performance games. They admitted we’re ready to serve our services in the Netherlands Territories. He also said we have an excellent track record of adapting games & technology to the needs of new jurisdictions. 

About Bragg Gaming Group

A next-generation gaming head using cutting-edge technologies. They have made improvisations in the gaming industry with world-class management prowess. The company stepped into a global gaming force with a team of gaming experts. The group is known as the best casino gaming aggregator. They also have their hands on providing B2B gaming suites. Bragg delivers exclusive casino content with its in-house team. And they’re now continuing their legacy by giving turnkey iGaming solutions. 

JVH Will Also Have Full Access to Bragg Group 

JVH holds 40% of the online casino industry in the Dutch market. They now have more than 80 gaming locations in the Netherland region. The gaming tycoon hosts an extensive library having more than 10,000 casino games. They will use a player engagement & real-time data platform.


We’re pleased to present an overview of ‘Oryx Gaming Limited’ entering the Dutch online gaming sector. This is a dynamic & rapidly changing business decision taken by the Brand. The company is progressively moving into the Dutch Market with the latest iGaming & sportsbook. So, this is your new ideal casino to continue the sports betting games.


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