There was a time when it looked like internet shopping would bring about the end of the high-street. It was predicted that in-store shopping would become a thing of the past, with customers preferring the ease of online.

However, while there has certainly been a shift in the way people shop, physical shops still have something to offer. In this article, we’ll look at some of the ways that in-store shopping still has the beating of the web.

The Experience

In response to the rise of ecommerce, in-store shopping has undergone a shift towards being more of an event. Online shopping might be convenient, and it might offer lower prices, but it cannot offer the same experience as visiting a shop.

Sometimes, the joy of shopping is not the end product of what you buy. Instead, it is the fact you can spend a few hours spoiling yourself and trying different things. That can mean trying on clothes you know you’ll never buy or browsing endlessly through books. The experience of shopping can be a reward in itself.


Taking this idea further, there are certain things you might treat yourself to while you are out shopping in Manchester. Maybe that means beauty treatments like pedicures or manicures. If you’re feeling brave, maybe even a wax (click here). Or perhaps just a fancy coffee and a slice of cake! Either way, it’s these kind of extra little treats that online shopping cannot replicate.


Also, one part of the in-store experience that cannot be replicated online is the social aspect. Be that browsing with your friends, getting their advice on a purchase, or striking up a conversation with friendly and helpful staff, you just don’t get the same social experience shopping on the internet.

Try Before you Buy

We have all had the experience of buying something online, only to find when we open the box it is not what we were expecting. The shoes are too big, the trousers too short or it just looked better in the pictures. And, of course, this doesn’t just go for clothes – perhaps a piece furniture that looked great on your laptop screen looks all wrong when you see it up close.

Sometimes, it is just better to see something or try something on before you buy it. Which is where in-store shopping will always have the edge because you can do just that – try before you buy.

Of course, online shops now offer all kinds of workarounds for this, like free returns for clothes that don’t fit (often at great expense to themselves). While this goes some way to addressing the problem, it is still incredibly frustrating to have to return things! And this frustration only goes further when you take delivery times into account…

Instant Gratification

You see something in the shop window. You want it. You go into the shop and buy it. That is instant gratification. Sometimes, you just can’t wait for the post to bring the thing you want.

Of course, this relies on you having easy access to the shops and it requires that the thing you want is in stock. Also, online stores are wise to this, offering next-day delivery on purchases or even same-day delivery in some cities. Still, that’s still not quite as satisfying as simply having the thing as soon as you pay for it!



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