New plans are in place that will support regeneration plans for Oldham town centre while ensuring the council is able to protect some of our most historic buildings.

The Oldham Town Centre conservation plans have been adopted by the council to ensure the conservation area is enhanced and gain support from historic England which had listed the area on its risk register.

The plans are included in something called the Conservation Area Appraisal and Management Plan or CAAMP, a supplementary planning document.

The document will outline new planning rules and obligations that help maintain the properties in line with the “historic environment” also known as Local Plan policy 24.

Councillor Hannah Roberts, Cabinet Member for Housing, said: “This is an important time for Oldham Town Centre.

“We’ve got ambitious plans to regenerate the area including developing OMA the ambitious new Heritage and Arts Centre.

“We’re committed to moving Oldham forward but protecting our history and heritage at the same time.

“Oldham Town Centre has some beautiful architecture and many of these buildings may have gone unnoticed or unused for too long.

“We want to make better use of what is already here and make sure that any future development complements them.

“We want to shape our town centre to encourage people to enjoy the many unique assets we have to offer.”


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