There has been widespread condemnation after the leader of Oldham Council’s car was firebombed in the early hours of Tuesday morning

Cllr Arooj Shah was set on fire around 1.30am on Greengate Street.Nobody was injured and emergency services quickly put out the fire

Oldham MP Jim McMahon tweeted

“My solidarity with Cllr Arooj Shah who has been targeted in such a cowardly way. The full weight of the law must be seen to bring those accountable to book”

The leader of Oldham Lib Dems Howard Sykes said in a statement

This attack is appalling. It is a frightening attack on an individual, but it is also demonstrates the threat to people in public life and stops decent people from being involved in it.

This cannot be allowed to continue, and not only must we stop this criminal attack, but also the abusive approach that has been too much of the politics in Oldham recently, and the UK, in recent years.

Everyone deserves to be treated with dignity, with respect, and with fairness. Abuse and “dog-whistle” politics can have no part in our society.

This is a time when we must stand together. If you are a decent, fair-minded person, you must stand up against this appalling attack, and defend the values of our country – honesty, decency and fairness.


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