Acclaimed North West photographer Andrew Brooks has explored the hidden spaces of The Portico Library and its collection to create a new site-specific body of work for MANIFEST Festival 2017, running across multiple city-centre venues and forming part of Red-Eye Network’s Summer of Northern Photography.

His exhibition at The Portico takes the form of a series of close-ups of the library’s hidden recesses, presented alongside sublime mountain landscapes & associated books from the collection.

Commenting on the exhibition Andrew says:

‘Nothing is permanent and fixed, everything unravels and crumbles. This is an exhibition inspired by the collection and the architecture of the Portico Library.

Whilst photographing and researching the library I found that the shifting structure of the building and the fragile nature of the collection was reflected in the themes of the books that I researched from the libraries collection. These books describe slowly evolving mountain geology and the shifting landscapes of Snowdonia. To explore this connection I searched for similar formations, shapes and effects at a macro and at an expansive scale. This led to a journey exploring the forms and patterns of the mountains of Snowdonia.

All of the detail images are from within the Portico and the landscapes show the formations around to Llyn Ogwen and Glyder Fach in Snowdonia.’

Andrew’s collectible prints will be available to buy, with proceeds helping to support the library’s conservation.

The exhibition runs from the 7th to the 22nd July



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