There’s so much to do in Manchester with the vast number of pubs and restaurants, but it’s the City’s three casinos that make for a great night out. Good food, affordable drinks, plenty of games to play, sport on the big screen, and a great atmosphere. Testing some games out online could be a great way to feel the casino vibe. And there are a lot of online casinos operating in the UK. Check out a review of what you’ll find at Casino Gods, for example, to see some of the popular games UK players like to play.

Let’s say you’ve decided that you’re having this night out, so let’s outline some great reasons why a night at a Manchester casino beats an alternative choice.

Manchester Casinos – What’s Available to Me?

There are three main casinos to choose from:

  • Genting Casino
  • Grosvenor Casino
  • Manchester 235

They’re all central, so you can take your pick. You’ll have a great time in any of the three. Manchester 235 is arguably the best casino in the City. They say so too on their website with their impressionable slogan; Manchester’s Number One Casino. It’s a Las Vegas themed casino that is five-star entertainment for all. A fine casino, a top-notch poker lounge, an amazing James Martin restaurant which can be found in the Sunday Times top 100 restaurants, big sporting events on their big screen (they showed the Tyson Fury v Deontay Wilder fight recently), and DJ entertainment on Friday and Saturday nights. What’s not to like?!

As for Genting and Grosvenor, you can find these all over the country and they’re just as impressive. You won’t find a DJ in them, but you will find good food, a bar with an impressive selection of drinks, and high-quality casino games.

What’s the Dress Code at a Casino?

If you want to have a night out at one of Manchester’s fine casinos, you should dress the part. Some people even dress up in Tuxedos and cocktail dresses just to add to the authenticity of it all. You don’t have to do that, but you should dress smart/casual. No trainers, no jogging bottoms, no hats. A Casino is seen as an upmarket and professional environment, so they always expect you to dress appropriately.

Casino Etiquette – How Should I Act?

In Manchester 235, you can probably get away with being a bit rowdy after a few drinks on a Friday or Saturday night when the DJ is there. However, the rest of the time you should respect others in the casino.

It can be frustrating if you’ve lost some money but do not vent your frustration in sight of other players. You should always be polite to those around you no matter what. Only spend what you can afford too. Those who want to vent their frustration tend to be those who spend more than they can afford. A visit to a casino should always be fun.

A couple of rules to be aware of at casino tables such as roulette and blackjack. Make sure your mobile phone is kept in your pocket. You can’t start taking selfies by the roulette wheel as it’s strictly forbidden at a casino. Some casinos even block phone signals, so if you do need to use your mobile, you might need to pop outside. Secondly, If you want to sit at a table, make sure you’re there to play. Unfortunately, you can’t just sit there for hours watching others.

There are security cameras everywhere for your safety, so keep everything above board and you’ll have a great night.


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