The food-delivery company is delivering free hot meals to NHS workers staying at GG Hospitality’s Hotel Football. This comes as part of a Deliveroo’s pledge to make 500,000 free meals available to frontline NHS workers and vulnerable groups across the UK.

Earlier this month, ex-Manchester United players Gary Neville and Ryan Giggs announced the temporary closure of their Hotel Football and Stock Exchange hotels in order to make rooms available to NHS staff for free. Using their Deliveroo for Business catering service, the company will deliver food from Pizza Hut to healthcare workers and medical professionals hosted at Hotel Football, kicking off on April 1 and continuing over the coming weeks.


Deliveroo has been working with restaurant partners across the UK to secure donations of free food and will make these available to NHS staff and vulnerable groups. Deliveroo has so far received pledges of 350,000 free meals.
These donations to Deliveroo have been led generously by Pizza Hut, who will include not just pizza but side salads, pasta and other options for NHS workers near their UK Huts. Pizza Hut and Deliveroo have already made deliveries to NHS Trusts in London and will be delivering thousands of meals next week to the NHS.


Other meal donations include substantial offers from German Doner Kebab, Itsu, Lewis Hamilton’s plant-based Neat Burger restaurant and others. Pizza Hut has also donated funding to help cover the cost of deliveries.


Deliveroo will be fundraising to support this campaign, raising funds from corporate and individual donations. Deliveroo will be enabling customers to contribute through the app, so they can send hard-working doctors, nurses and volunteers a meal.


Michael Healy, Regional Director North UK & Ireland at Deliveroo, said: “It’s truly heartwarming to see the way the UK have shown their support for our heroic NHS workers during these unprecedented times. We are proud to use the network we have built as a business to support the NHS in ways we can. GG Hospitality in Manchester are doing a great thing by providing NHS workers with a place to stay. We’re pleased we can provide them with a hot meal, to make sure doctors and nurses working around the clock and staying at Hotel Football have one less thing to worry about.”


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