The Gut Stuff are bringing their mission to democratise gut health to Manchester.

You may have noticed that Manchester has been graced with various pink poo posters all over the city, challenging locals to get thinking about their poo. Because it’s time to address our guts and what’s good for them.

At various bus stops and public spots around Manchester our poo-werful message aims to stop people in their tracks, so they can ask themselves the all-important question- ‘How Do You Poo?’ Shaking up how we view what health and well-being is, The Gut Stuff’s new How Do You Poo campaign gives everyone the opportunity to start thinking about their gut health and empower themselves from the gut, up.

The Gut Stuff was founded by identical twins and ex-Love Island DJs Lisa and Alana MacFarlane, with the aim to get everyone in-tune with their guts. Gut health has been a  buzz-word for a while now but 71% of Brits don’t actually know what a gut microbiome is, which isn’t ideal, especially since 95% of our serotonin (the key hormone that stabilises our mood and happiness) is produced in the gut! With their team of expert nutritionists, doctors and dieticians, The Gut Stuff are encouraging people to ‘gut’ to know themselves, as our clever microbiota can impact a whole host of important things, such as mental health, immunity, sleep and so much more.



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