Under the regime of President Donald Trump, there have been a lot of corrections and adjustments in many laws of the country. Few new laws are also being deliberated on in the house to decide whether they should be implemented or not. President Trump is someone who has a vision and a plan to make a few changes in how the United States is being run. His vision can be noted in most of his official speeches and social media posts. He has been quoted many times talking about some decadence in some sectors of the government and how he plans to solve the problems they are facing. He focuses his change more on immigration as he has been seen and quoted several times talking about how he wants to stop illegal immigrants from entering the country. The most popular out of all his actions to curb illegal migration is the decision to build a very strong wall which costs billions of dollar at the border with Mexico. Apart from the wall, president Trump also proposed a lot of new laws that are being delayed by the house and courts of law. Below are some of the notable things that have changed under the register of President Trump:

DACA: The DACA means Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival. It is a program that gives undocumented children under the age of 16 the right to live in the country without any harassment. The DACA allows the migrants to be able to apply for social security number, work, and live in the country. The DACA is not a guarantee to a permanent residence like it is rumored by many sources. The DACA rather gives the migrants temporary protected status in the country, which means they are free to live in the country temporarily. President Trump made a move to stop the DACA as part of his bid to curb illegal immigration into the country. Even though people are not concerned about the decision, Congress thinks the law will separate families. That is the reason for their delayed decision, which will not be concluded until the year 2020, which means a conclusion will be made concerning the DACA in 2020. The people who are currently living in the United States due to the DACA program are thereby still free to be in the country till 2020 when a decision is made on whether DACA should be stopped or not.

The Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA) is a document needed by visa waiver program countries to get access to the USA. Check ESTA status to know if you are eligible for the ESTA. Having an ESTA will prevent one from getting a visa

The wall – the president has been so serious about building a wall between the border of the US and Mexico. According to him, the wall will reduce illegal immigrants from Mexico. A lot of people all over the world have said a lot about the decision whereby some go against it. No matter the external forces, the US president has decided not to change his mind. 

Ban- Donald Trump’s administration has banned some citizens of countries from getting into the USA. The countries affected are mostly Islamic countries. Trump believes that taking this decision will prevent terrorism in the United States. Also, citizens of affected countries won’t be able to get a US visa. Some of the countries affected are Pakistan, Iraq, Iran, Sudan, and many more. This is said to affect other countries later in the future. 

Trade – that has been a very tight condition between the USA and China, where Trump stopped the trade between China and the USA. For him, he thinks the USA has relied on China on trade, thereby helping China to build her economy. He wanted this to stop, so he decided to move a motion that stops the US from trading with China. A lot of people believe this action may affect China’s economy. Also, Trump is trying his best to empower local farmers to improve the rate of food production. 

Rate of immigration – the president, has been working to reduce the rate at which immigrants, especially the illegal ones center the US. This will reduce the crime rate in the country.  Getting the US visa is not as easy as it used to be before Trump’s administration. This is because the president has zero tolerance for illegal immigrants, thus, trying to build a new America.

Few of the new developments have been discussed. Although there are still other immigration policies that have been changed or adjusted by the Trump administration, the truth remains that the US is a land of immigrants and no matter how strict the president may be on immigrants, immigrants have helped build America.


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