The man who is suspected of being murdered in Moseley at the weekend had been jailed in 2019 for money laundering

Thomas Campbell then aged 35 and living in Clayton along with wife Colleen had spent in excess of £100K in five years on luxury holidays and high-powered cars,despite their only legitimate source of income being benefits and a part time job in a homeware store.

The court heard that they had splurged £10,000 in cash for a luxury 10-night stay in Cancun, Mexico.

The pair were driving around in high-powered cars with personalised number plates, including a brand new Audi A3, a Mercedes C63 and a BMW X5 – the latter two of which were seized when police officers raided their house in March 2015.

Campbell now 38 was found dead at a property in Mossley in what is now believed to be a targeted attack.


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