IPPR North has called on political parties to commit to passing “real, meaningful” powers to England’s Mayors.

This call comes as a paper published today by the leading think-tank finds that Mayors govern 53 per cent of the most deprived neighbourhoods in England.

Researchers say that the Mayors should take steps to create “inclusive growth” in their communities, but that they will need Government to relinquish power and resources so that they can take innovative actions like making the most of the opportunity of artificial intelligence by setting up and promoting public forms of ownership, ensuring that the benefits of the digital economy can be felt by local people

By supporting older people by designing inclusive transport networks and spaces to meet, work and network and by creating clean growth by helping green industries, including through setting up local banks that lend to eco-friendly businesses

IPPR North’s Marcus Johns has argued that Mayors are best placed to act to create an inclusive economy in their communities. He said:

“With the possibility of a General Election on the horizon, and Mayoral Elections just around the corner, it’s imperative that the political parties prioritise and set out their offer to low income voters.

“From Liverpool to London, England’s Mayors govern over half of our most deprived neighbourhoods. They also understand their communities far better than remote decision makers in Whitehall. So they must be given the tools they need to make a difference.

“Real, meaningful devolution of power and resources will enable Mayors to take action to reverse the tide of deprivation in their communities, and unlock opportunities for economic growth in which the benefits can be shared by everyone”.


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