MancMade® Productions have officially released The Visit Short Film. Filmed in early 2022, The Visit, Written and Produced by Paul Ludden with Lee Child as Exec-Producer is a fictional story based around the 1996 IRA bombing of Manchester.

The Visit has had a successful run on the Global Film Festival Circuit, with Official Selections in the well-respected Madrid and Barcelona Indie International Film Festivals, with lead Cal MacAninch picking up a Best Actor Nomination in both. The Visit was also named Best Short Film in the Liverpool Shorts Independent International Film Festival and a Finalist in the Rome Prisma Film Awards.

Lee Child, Executive Producer of The Visit, said:

“Manchester was a big part of my life for a long time, and I grew to love the kind of smart, committed, creative underground scene there. The MancMade people are today’s version, and a friend tipped me off about a project they had, called The Visit, which looked like it could be a real jewel, sharp, complex, and emotionally resonant, and I wanted to get involved, and I’m delighted they let me”

Paul Ludden, Writer & Producer of The Visit. CEO MancMade® Productions added:

“I decided to release The Visit for FREE on our website because I want to showcase the work of the actors and crew to a global audience. I also don’t want to exclude people from watching who can’t afford a rental fee or don’t have access to the streaming platforms generally used by filmmakers.”

Ludden added “It’s also an opportunity to show the level of ambition we have as a company to create and produce top quality films in Manchester, working with a mix of experienced and emerging talent, both actors & crew.It’s also a global call-out to any writers, actors, crew, producers and investors interested in working with MancMade® Productions”

You can watch The Visit for FREE at MancMade.Productions


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