Manchester’s Nightingale Hospital has opened for business today just fourteen days after work began on the site at Manchester Central.

The facility at the Manchester Central Complex will be able to treat up to 750 COVID-19 patients.It has miles of oxygen pipes and power cables running through it, and has enough flooring to cover Wembley stadium twice.

Its CEO Michael McCourt tweeted earlier today

“Proud & thankful to be able to say we take our first patients today. In 14 days huge NHS, Army & NHS partner effort this hospital is open. A lot of attention on us but don’t want to forget we are here to support an already busy NW NHS.”

The first NHS Nightingale Hospital, based at the ExCel Centre in east London, has began treating its first patients last week.The 4,000-bed facility was built in just 9 days with the help of around 200 military personnel.


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