We will see a clash between two football giants, Manchester United and Liverpool, on Tuesday, 19th April 2022. In the past decades, this clash has always been a star game, but it seems to be more significant this time. 

Both teams have something at stake and can’t afford a draw, not to talk of a loss. So what does this game mean for both teams, and how is it important for them? Let’s peek at how this game dictates the premier league table. 

How Important is this Game For Manchester United?

After 31 games, Manchester United stands at the seventh position on the table. The Red Devils are not having a good time, with only one win in their last five. Most bookies from top rated betting websites reviews place Manchester United as low favourites or underdogs in most recent games because of their underwhelming performance. 

Their game against Liverpool means a lot to them because seated in sixth place, right above them, is West Ham, with 51 points. However, United still have the advantage as West Ham has played one game more.

If Manchester United can get a win against Norwich at Old Trafford on Saturday, 16th April, they would slip easily to the sixth position. Or potentially fifth if Arsenal slips up against Southampton. Then a win over Liverpool will significantly tip things further in their favour if they want to finish in the top 4 for Champions League football.

However, if United cannot secure a win over Liverpool, they risk plunging deeper into eighth position, as Wolves is only two points behind. All eyes are on the Red Devils because of all the teams cramped up in that fifth to eighth spot, they have the toughest opponent, one loss, and they risk their qualification for the UCL next year.

How Important is this Game for Liverpool?

Compared to the Red Devils, the pressure is higher on Liverpool to win this clash. The Reds are presently in a tug of war with Manchester City for the Premier League top spot. After 31 games each, Cityzens and Liverpool have only one point separating them, with City at 74 and Liverpool at 73.

The Reds are in one of the best forms, with only two losses in their 31 season games. And four wins in their last five. Their one recent draw comes from their match against City that ended in a 2-2 draw at the Etihad.

Liverpool needs to win all their remaining league games and hope for a slip up from City to claim the trophy. The club does not want to repeat the 2018/2019 season where they missed the League title with only one point. 

Of all their remaining games, Manchester United seems like a formidable opponent that could make them lose sight of the first position. Liverpool did a great job setting their distance from Chelsea, which has 62 points in the 3rd position; they cannot afford to let the Red Devils derail them.


If we weighed the magnitude of importance of this matchup for both teams, winning seems more important to Liverpool. And if we were to judge the likely results, the Reds also seem to be the favourite with their excellent form. However, this is football; anything can happen. Manchester United will not back down easily, especially with their UCL spot on the line.


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