An entrepreneur who successfully developed and launched the world’s first truly wireless translation earbuds is using his business connections across Asia and Europe to support the production of critical face masks and hand sanitisers.

Danny Manu, Founder of Mymanu® brand, launched Mymanu CLIK + and Mymanu Clik S translation earbuds enabling users to call, text, read notifications and speak in 37 languages. The earbuds are powered by its own proprietary system enabling speech-to-text translation and text-to-speech translation application which the potential to communicate with more than 2billion customers wherever they are in the world.

For two years, the translation system was tested with the world’s largest hotel chains like the Marriot and the Louvre group across Europe and China to provide higher customer satisfaction and more pleasant stay. Thanks to the success pilots, the tech has now been deployed by a variety of other international businesses.

Manchester-based Danny said: “Our own translation system has the ability to change how we do business internationally – especially under the current self-distancing rules and travel restrictions. We know the ‘new normal’ may see less travel for business and individuals so our translation services could really support small and large businesses as they adapt to the new working world, secure new competitive suppliers and sell more products. Speaking your customers language is essential.”

The translation system has now launched on IOs and Android through our Myjuno App. This is a standalone social media application which allows for full translation of multiple languages in group messages so that businesses can keep their international business running as well as our wonderful keyworkers such as NHS staff and social workers to communicate with patients potentially affected by the Corona virus. The App was due to fully launch at an industry event when the Coronavirus outbreak gathered momentum.

Instead of focussing just on Mymanu products, Danny spoke to his contacts across Asia and Europe, and agreed on contracts with five factories to produce face masks. He is in talks to secure a contract with the Italian Government for production of 12million masks and is producing items to support the fight against Coronavirus through his Brand Medybird.

Danny said: “I’m a tech guy so this was completely out of my area of expertise, but I knew my contacts had the capabilities to produce these masks, so it made sense to develop this brand to help fight the virus. We have set up a good connection with retailers and want to keep that going even after Coronavirus, so we plan to keep that part of the business in operation for the foreseeable future.”

CEH Technologies which own the Mymanu brand is part of the NatWest Accelerator based in Manchester. Open to entrepreneurs of any age and at any stage of their business, including larger companies with higher turnovers, the fully funded programme provides successful applicants with coaching and support to develop their businesses. Earlier this month the NatWest Accelerator launched a full digital and virtual programme to continue to supporting entrepreneurs over this period.

Gemma Fattahi, Entrepreneur Development Manager at NatWest, said: “Danny has developed an innovative business with Mymanu® which has the potential to positively change the way international business is conducted. But we are also incredibly impressed how he is using his connections to support the fight against Coronavirus which shows proactive thinking and action, and a brilliant entrepreneurial mindset.”


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