Manchester Originals underlined its originality in its first season by incorporating meat-free meals into its post-match recovery programme.

This initiative was supported by Beyond Meat, which believe that there is a better way to feed our future by shifting from animal to plant-based meat. 

Manchester Originals is always challenging the norm and striving for more on and off the pitch – this change in diet and commitment to sustainability is just one example of that.

The team believe that sport is a platform for a better world and athletes have the ability to inspire change through simple everyday actions, such as eating less meat. In a recently published report by the UK Climate Change Committee (CCC) it was recommended that people should be asked to eat 20% less meat and dairy produce by 2030, and 35% less by 2050, if the UK wants to meet its net zero emissions target by 2050. This small change would help cut greenhouse gases and free up land for storing carbon.

Beyond Meat’s innovative plant-based products positively impact key global sustainability issues, including constraints on natural resources.

According to the University of Michigan’s 2018 Life Cycle Assessment, the original Beyond Burger, when compared to producing a ¼ lb. standard U.S. 80/20 beef burger, uses 99% less water, 93% less land, requires 46% less energy, and generates 90% fewer greenhouse gas emissions.


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