Manchester-based Fanclub Recognition has launched a new tool designed to help businesses easily and instantly reward their employees.

Called Fanmail, the new tool helps businesses recognise great people who do great work and is designed to help businesses who want to keep their staff engaged and retain talented people by appreciating their efforts.

Fanmail makes it easy for employees to send recognition to anyone in their business instantly, no matter where they’re located, cutting through hierarchies and departments, making recognition on the spot, genuine and easy.

An employee or company leader can simply select a person they are a fan of and why and then they receive an instant Fanmail telling them how great they are. All of this is linked to whichever behaviours the businesses want to showcase and each Fanmail is customised to get this point across.

As in any business, data is key and each company gets a great looking recognition dashboard filled with loads of information about how people are appreciating each other and what for. HR heads can also download all recognitions sent to analyse top performers and valued behaviours.

Paul Heaton, Founder & Director at Fanclub said: “Often recognition is focused & intertwined with reward, meaning that the art of appreciation is lost.  Fanclub doesn’t focus on shopping vouchers or points – we focus on genuine recognition and feel good vibes.

“We offer a fully social solution called Fanhub – which is a bit like Facebook – but not all companies are large enough or brave enough to go fully social – so Fanmail caters for those small-medium sized companies that just want an easy way to capture and send the love around their business whilst still capturing the insight around recognition.”

Fanmail starts as low as £299 a month. For this, businesses get their own secure domain, a company branded Fanmail tool, Fanmail mailers, customised categories and of course a shiny dashboard with all recognition insights displayed.

Fanclub Recognition, the parent company of Fanmail, was launched in Manchester in 2016 by Sinead Healy and Paul Heaton after noticing that recognition practices within companies were inconsistent and outdated, and set out to create a tool which would make rewarding people at work social and fun.


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