A city-wide open-air exhibition launching across Manchester from Tuesday, featuring work in collaboration with Cheddar Gorgeous, Jeanette Winterson, Josh Widdicombe, Lemn Sissay, Mathew Horne and Rob Rinder, taking inspiration from their time at the University of Manchester.

The artwork is beautiful, vibrant and fun, taking in 130 sites, from billboards, to murals, to posters.

The artworks are a fusion of creativity, each designed by different Manchester illustrators, breathing life into the inspiring quotes and the colourful personalities behind them. From 7th May the artworks can be found exhibited at Mayfield Park, St Peter’s Square Metrolink, and on over 130 digital billboards and poster sites across the city.

The Josh Widdicombe artwork was created by Ellie Thomas, Lemn Sissay by John Owens, Rob Rinder and Mathew Horne by Beth Wilkinson and Cheddar Gorgeous by Louise Hardman.

Louise Hardman, on illustrating part of Cheddar Gorgeous’ quote, which has been painted as a mural by Open Minds, in Mayfield Park: “Drag performer, producer, academic, and visual artist – Cheddar Gorgeous is a Manchester powerhouse. For this piece, I was deeply inspired by Cheddar’s playful and unapologetic approach to their art and activism; exhibited by the vivid colours, bold type, and whimsical patterns within the design.


“Through the incorporation of illustrated theatrical iconography, the artwork spotlights Cheddar’s impressive lifelong career in the performing arts, in addition to their conceptual approach to storytelling and self-expression. It’s been an utter honour to have had the opportunity to help visualise Cheddar’s beautiful words.”

A mural of Rob Rinder’s words, illustrated by Beth Wilkinson, will be painted live, by Open Minds, at Mayfield Park on Thursday 9th May, to coincide with the release of hundreds of free tickets for  Universally Manchester Festival, which are available via www.universallymanchester.com.

It has been created to mark 200 years of the university, and the much anticipated 60k capacity Universally Manchester Festival taking place next month.


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