The violent scenes at Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem have escalated into yet another deadly conflict which has seen 35 Palestinians tragically lose their lives, including 12 children, and hundreds more injured in air strikes.

Manchester humanitarian charity Human Appeal, which has an office in Gaza, has launched an emergency appeal to enable it to support as many Palestinians as possible. The charity has already raised £1 million through a TV live appeal on Monday, which will enable it to help thousands of Palestinians who are either injured or displaced, and support families who have lost their main breadwinner during this latest round of violence.

Active in Palestine for over 20 years, Human Appeal has supported many long-term projects to combat the healthcare crisis, such as the rehabilitation of hospitals, and the construction of water desalination plants, so that people can have safe drinking water in a region where 97% of the water is undrinkable.

Human Appeal has been distributing food packs and hot meals as part of their Ramadan campaign in Palestine, and will be looking to distribute food packs and emergency medical aid to as many people as possible throughout the latest escalation of conflict, but even charity staff themselves are not able to operate safely in the current climate.

Dr Mahmoud Shatat, Human Appeal’s Global WASH Advisor and Head of Mission in Palestine said:

“The scale of destruction here is heartbreaking. We cannot stand by when children are dying and families are being left homeless and without a breadwinner, left to fend for themselves in poverty.

“The situation is so dangerous that there have been days where I have had to instruct my staff to stay at home or else they might lose their own lives. It can’t be right that even charities are being left unable to help, but Human Appeal will continue to do everything it can to get aid to those who need it most.

“I implore everyone who has it within their power to de-escalate this latest wave of violence to do so, before any more innocent lives are lost. We can’t go on like this.”

You can donate to Human Appeal’s emergency campaign here:


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