After what has been an exceptionally difficult year for so many vulnerable people in the UK this year’s Christmas 2020 appeal by Emmeline’s Pantry, which relies solely on the publics kind donations and fundraising to enable the charity to make sure Christmas still happens for the women and their families, has been announced.

Emmeline’s Pantry has been established for over eight years now, fundamentally a women’s run women’s food bank, food pantry and baby pantry; they provide a genuine lifeline to some of the most vulnerable women (and their families) from all walks of life; women who have fled domestic abuse, domestic violence, rape, modern day slavery, trafficking, women with mental health issues, disabilities, homelessness and poverty.

 At this time of year, the incredible volunteers have the additional focus of ensuring that Christmas still happens for all the service users and their families. They hold a two day Christmas Distribution event, all on an appointment basis, where each service user comes to choose everything she needs to make Christmas happen for her and her family. 

Solely from fundraising and donation, they make sure each woman who uses the service gets a Christmas dinner for themselves and their family; a starter, main course and dessert, a week’s supply of fresh food (for the whole family).

Emmeline’s firmly believe it is a fundamental human right to have choice, something many of these women have previously had taken away from them. It works like a shop so the women choose everything themselves. 

For Christmas, each woman receives a brand new pair of pyjamas and a gift set. Each child receives a pair of brand new pyjamas, 8 brand new toys and wrapping paper if wanted. Again, nothing is wrapped and all items are chosen by the women themselves, so they can get what they need and what their children like. 

To enable the charity and its volunteers to start the Christmas service on 17th December, the cut-off date for donations will be the 11th December. 

Examples urgently needed for the appeal are; toys, food, treats (selection boxes, biscuits, boxes of chocolates, cakes, halal sweets), gift boxes for women, teenagers, pyjamas, slippers, gifts for children and teenagers (male and female) books. 

Donations and information can be found by following the links on their web site – / and there is an Amazon wish-list;      

Women who are introduced to Emmeline’s Pantry on a referral basis from other services, many of them have nothing other than the clothes they and their children are standing in. With no access to any public funding at all for six weeks, these women rely solely on Emmeline’s Pantry’s service. All year round Emmeline’s provide fresh and halal food, long life food, baby items, sanitary products, toiletries, clothes and toys, always in a way that encourages choice and does not discriminate against need.


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