TrunkBBI, an award-winning agency, headquartered in Manchester, has announced its new partnership with Collection Cosmetics, a multiple award-winning brand and favourite of influencers, beauty journalists, and bloggers. As part of the competitive pitch, Collection’s parent company has also appointed TrunkBBI for two of their other brands, Witch and Vosene.

The 75-strong Manchester headquartered agency is working with Collection Cosmetics to enhance their online presence and to drive ecommerce and marketplace performance, specifically targeting the next generation of buyers — the Gen-Z audience.

TrunkBBI is supporting the Collection Cosmetics team to maximise the impact, namely reach and engagement, of their ads across their paid social channels, focusing primarily on TikTok and Instagram.

Together, they will deliver an innovative 12-month paid social media plan, backed by current trends, conversations, and challenges in the cosmetics industry. The campaign focuses on maximising collaboration with social media influencers to engage Gen-Z consumers, including well-known beauty bloggers, micro-influencers, and UGC creators, while delivering authentic and organic content that aligns with consumers’ values.

Annie Anstey, Head of Marketing from Collection Cosmetics said, “TrunkBBI’s understanding of the tricky Gen-Z audience and their online behaviours really stood them apart during Collection Cosmetics’ competitive pitch process.

“Their proactive approach to identifying insight and subsequently actioning it in our paid media campaigns is already bearing fruit, we’ve seen a 94% increase in video views and 81% increase impression YoY and that is just within the 3 months of activity.

We look forward to our continued working relationship to make Collection’s high-quality, affordable cosmetics the product of choice for Gen-Z consumers.”

Jon Butler, CEO of TrunkBBI said, “We’re delighted to be working with Collection Cosmetics. They’re an award-winning and forward-thinking cosmetics brand, and we’re a huge advocate of what they stand for. This win is a great reflection of the extensive knowledge and experience within our TrunkBBI team, and we can’t wait to see the brand go from strength to strength.

“Our 12-month performance strategy will help take Collection Cosmetics’ brand presence to the next level. Not only will we ensure they connect with their Gen-Z consumers on a deeper level, but we’ll help to further solidify their position in the heavily saturated cosmetics market. The initial outcome have already been positive, so we’re looking forward to continuing this partnership and delivering great results.”


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