For a long time now the business world has understood the power of video for conveying a message and connecting with an audience. But for many organisations,it’s taken a while to catch up. Video is a great way to get your business messages out there, and a powerful tool to reach your audience, and tell stories that resonate with customers.

Back in August, Manchester based award-winning animation agency Flow Creative, were named BBC Creatives animation partner for the Children in Need campaign – and this is the result. A compelling, emotive, and impactful advertisement that will win over hearts and minds this autumn.

Animated videos help you stand out from the crowd in what can sometimes be a bland landscape. Dry and corporate isnt the right tone to be striking in this age where we are bombarded with stimulus, and smart businesses know that.

Good animation adds personality and shine to a message. It educates and informs, but it also helps create an emotional response and encourages action. It can convey information that might be complex or challenging in a simple and effective way.

The two-minute film, as well as several cutdowns, will run from October in readiness for Novembers Children in Need fundraising appeal show; in a first-of-its-kind junction takeover.

It visualises what the campaign is about, explains its importance, and crucially tells a story that will have impact and command attention. It is compelling, resonant, and showcases just what makes the appeal so powerful.

 Animation is a powerful tool and has been shown to great effect in the Children in Need reel.

Flow have worked closely with BBC Creative and celebrated children’s author and illustrator, Tom Percival, to create the film. Tom, creator of popular children’s books Rubys Worry and Perfectly Norman, has written a new story especially for the film, which Flow have brought to life through animation. They have been working really collaboratively with Tom, storyboarding and visualising his story, as well as animating his artwork. And its been a success.

Flow’s creative director, Karl Doran, says: “It has been wonderful to work with Tom and the creative team at the BBC on such a lovely project. Children in Need is such an amazing charity and the fundraising partnership with the BBC has helped to raise millions and helped so many kids over the years, we’re really proud to be able to contribute to that effort.”

“Animation is a fantastic way to connect with audiences in a meaningful way, compel them to take action, and get results. The objectives here for us and Children in Need, was to drive awareness about the issues facing children and young people right now, but this is also part of a fundraising strategy. We know that video helps increase conversions and we are thrilled to be part of their campaign for 2020 and can’t wait to see the impact on donations.”

Tim Jones, creative director at BBC Creative said this: We’re really excited to have Flow on board for this project. Having worked with them before, their playful animation portfolio felt perfect for the narrative, and we’re all delighted to see how they’ve brought Toms illustrative style to life.”


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