The first ever Make Amazon Pay summit will take place in Manchester this week at the iconic Mechanics’ Institute, where the Trades Union Congress was formed in 1868.

The summit unites over 80 organisations — from major international trade union federations, environmental groups to tax watchdogs and social movements — in a common front to Make Amazon Pay its workers, its taxes and for its environmental damage.

For each of the last three years, the campaign has organised global days of action on Black Friday, featuring transnational strikes and protests in over 35 countries that have reached millions of people through social and traditional media.

Christy Hoffman, General Secretary UNI Global Union, said:

“It’s important that this community of unions, political leaders and NGOs come together to strategize about using our collective power to end Amazon’s brutality towards workers and its impact on our communities. Its business model destroys the environment and crushes small business, leaving behind a monopoly without ethics or accountability. This is the critical fight for our time and together we can use our strengths to Make Amazon Pay,” said Christy Hoffman, General Secretary of UNI Global Union, co-convenor of Summit to Make Amazon Pay.

Zarah Sultana MP, member of the Council of the Progressive International, said:

“For three years, politicians have seen this inspiring global movement come together to Make Amazon Pay its workers, its tax and for its damage to our environment. Workers and citizens around the world have stepped up with coordinated strikes and protests.

“Now it’s time for the legislators and regulators to stand with them by advancing new laws and regulations that Make Amazon Pay. Together, we can build popular power and turn it into real change: better pay and conditions, fairer taxes and radically improved environmental action


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