In the summer of 2007 Lush staff had a very cheeky day of campaigning against the over packaging of products – they went naked!

And, tomorrow, 18th January, staff from the newly opened Naked shop on Manchester’s Market Street will dress again in nothing but aprons to highlight how plastic waste is still a global environmental crisis.

At the time of the 2007 campaign, Lush Co-founder and Manager Director, Mark Constantine said,

“Packaging is rubbish and for too long we have had to suffer excessive amounts of it, now that the true financial and environmental costs are becoming obvious, customers are challenging manufacturers and retailers to cut the wrap. Companies like ours need to think out of the box and present customers with innovations that allow them to buy truly naked products”.

With awareness of plastic pollution at an all time high, today Lush opens the doors to the first plastic packaging-free cosmetics shop in the country. It will host an abundance of innovative and plastic packaging-free alternatives to your favourite cosmetics – from the classics, such as solid shampoo bars and soaps, to new naked skincare innovations.

The new Naked shop in Manchester follows the success of Lush’s first Naked shops in Milan and Berlin which opened in 2018.


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