Salford’s Labour leadership candidate Rebecca Long Bailey has promised to abolish the House of Lords if she ever becomes Prime Minister

Speaking on Sky News’ Sophie Ridge programme she said

“I do want to abolish the House of Lords and we’ll be rolling out as my campaign progresses how we intend to really shake up that constitutional package.There would need to be checks and balances in place, but to have a set of completely unelected people doing that I don’t think is right.”

Long Bailey also told the programme that Jeremy Corbyn was responsible for failing to adequately tackle “unacceptable” anti-semitic behaviour in the Labour party

I wasn’t happy with the way our process was being run, I’ll be honest, I don’t think we were dealing with complaints quickly enough and I think that’s quite clear, I’ve been quite vocal about that,” she said. “I spoke to Jeremy about it, I spoke to the various members of the team, I spoke to various members of the NEC about that.”

She also told the programme that Jeremy Corbyn bore responsibility for Labour’s election defeat adding

“I think any Labour politician that leads the Labour Party should apologise again for what has happened because it has been unacceptable.”


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