In a busy night of local election results across the region,the biggest news comes from Trafford where Sean Anstee’s Conservatives have lost control of the council.

Labour are now the largest party with the Greens who won two seats in Altrincham and the Lib Dems holding the balance of power.

Elsewhere there have been few changes.

Labour won 94 of the 96 seats in Manchester, one seat changing hands in West Didsbury where longtime campaigner Richard Kilpatrick took a second seat for the Lib Dems alongside John Leech.

In Stockport the Council remains in non overall control with Labour remaining the largest party though the previously Lib Dem stronghold of Cheadle Hulme North fell to them.

Labour also held Salford Council having gained two seats although losing Kersal to the Conservatives as a result of backlash against anti Semitism in the party.

Nineteen year old Laura Edwards became the youngest ever councillor in Salford taking Walkden South seat for Labour

In Oldham Labour also held with just four seats changing hands and they also held Rochdale although losing one seat to the Lib Dems in Milnrow.

In Tameside,The Tories lost their last remaining councillor as Labour hold control and in Bury they have a majority of eleven after losing one seat overall.

Labour also held Bury with just three seats changing hands with their majority cut by one to eleven.

Labour won one seat,Ramsbottom from the Conservatives, who won two seats,Radcliffe North and Pilkington Park from Labour, on a night when one third of the council’s 51 seats were up for election.

The Party also hold Bolton but only just after losing four seats they hold thirty one out of the sixty councillors elected.After the results were in the state of the parties was as follows.Labour 31; Conservative 19; Farnworth & Kearsley First 3, Liberal Democrat 3, UKIP 3 and Other 1.

In Wigan Labour also remained in control but lost five seats, two to the Conservatives and three to independent candidates



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