Local BBC Radio stations in the North of England have today launched a new environmental initiative, ‘Planet North’.

Over the next few months, Planet North will bring together ten local BBC radio stations from across the North to spotlight environmental challenges and seek out potential solutions to climate change.

Engaging with audiences to identify possible solutions, Planet North aims to keep the climate change conversation going in local areas.

Starting today, members of the public are encouraged to upload content displaying the positive environmental work they’ve been doing via BBC Upload. The local radio teams will watch, read or listen to the uploads, with the potential for them to go out on air or on our digital platforms.

Rozina Breen, Head of North for BBC England, said: “BBC Planet North is about looking at the big environmental issues from a local perspective –  what does climate change mean to our local communities, how is it impacting them now and what solutions might there be already underway in villages, towns and cities across the North of England? These are vital issues and I am proud that BBC Local in the North is leading this ambitious project.”

“Alongside our panel of Planet North Champions, to make the season a real success we need to hear from our audiences, so whether you’re engaged in a big community project, or even just taking small steps to protect your local environment, we want to hear about it via BBC Upload.”


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