A Liberal Democrat Candidate in Rochdale’s Council elections has been suspended by the party after being caught campaigning on a video for George Galloway’s Workers  Party

Galloway campaigned for Rabina Asghar in Rochdale’s Spotland & Falinge Ward,as part of what he calls “the Grand Alliance” to defeat Labour in the local elections

A spokesman for the Liberal Democrats said Ms Asghar had now been suspended by the party, adding: “We wholly reject the divisive politics of George Galloway and do not want any endorsement or connection to him.”

Galloway said on the video

 “We are determined to get Labour out of Spotland, to get Labour out of the town hall where they have abused their power for so very long.

“I have got no hesitation of asking anyone who supports me, everyone who supports me, who lives in Spotland, to vote for Rabina. Rabina is the councillor we need here in this ward.”


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