There are many common tips, benefits, or compelling points you will get regarding Forex Trading. Some people will tell you to ‘practice,’ while other sources will tell you about the market. Those are indeed practical tips for becoming Forex Traders. However, there is much more in this field than meets the eyes.

If you don’t want to be another one of the failed traders, here are some of the tips only the top Forex traders in the UK would know. 

These are the hidden secrets available for anyone to see, but people fail to notice. With that being said, let’s review these tips: 

1. Learn Everything In-Detail

The best way to learn forex is from experts. With trusted and experienced trading experts, you can expect to receive the most reliable and practical guidance. It’s important not to start your trading journey on your own without the proper direction.

Almost every experienced trader will tell you that they would’ve loved to have specialised training before starting their trading careers. At Guerrilla Trading, you will have access to mentors who possess years of experience in forex trading so that you can learn everything in detail. If you chose to learn forex trading from experts, you would see yourself grow from an inexperienced trader to a seasoned trader making consistent profits. 

2. Future Investment In Yourself

The first thing you need to realise as you enter Forex Trading is, initially, this is an investment in your future self. You need first to achieve some self-sufficient standing if you want to become a consistently profitable full-time trader. 

3. Don’t Be A Chart Junkie.

Almost every market (Stocks, Crypto, Forex, etc.) has charts that rise and fall in values. It applies to every sector, and when people invest money, they become too reliant on these charts. 

As Forex trading is a 24/5 market, the charts are consistently rising or falling in value. This can lead to anxiety build-ups and trouble in balancing the professional, personal, and trading life. You will lose sleep or feel restless, seeking to check charts consistently and losing thoughts over it. Don’t succumb to these endeavours.

Although focusing on the charts is an essential part of forex trading, sometimes it’s good to look at the fundamental trading side. This involves analysing the impact of political, economic and social factors on the value of a currency. 

4. Practice A Single Time Frame Approach

Choosing a single time frame is down to the trader’s style and the strategy used. The hourly chart is often used amongst traders as it provides them with enough time to make decisions while also not being too long. 

Although it may seem beneficial to adopt a multiple time frame approach, this may confuse new traders as they may feel overwhelmed. That is why it is advised that new traders stick to a single time frame, such as the hourly charts. 

It is a practice where you will check the one-hour chart and determine if you will make a trade based on your trade system. The method is trusted among the top trading courses because it reduces discretion. This will allow you freedom of time to pursue other activities and not waste the entire day focusing on reading charts. 

This practice will prevent you from getting distracted so you can make decisions that fit your trade plan or checklist. This approach is also excellent for people who have other commitments which require their attention. Discipline is what will help you through Forex trading, and it starts with this approach.

Of course, you will always require apt knowledge and skills, especially if you plan on being a full-time trader. 

5. Capital Management

A lot of Forex traders, especially beginners, end up losing a lot of money. There’s a 90/90/90 rule in trading. It states that 90% of traders lose 90% of their money within the first 90 days of trading.  

However, you can mitigate any such possibility and become one of the 10% if you get the proper education to excel in the field. You have to learn not to be impulsive but to be more patient. As a Forex trader, you need to know how to manage your capital. 

6. Guerrilla Trading For Quick Gains 

Forex trading can be quite daunting for beginners to understand. However, if you learn through the Guerrilla Trading course, you can achieve remarkable outcomes. It can enable you to understand the common terminologies. 

The best way to practice or thrive in Guerrilla trading is by backtesting our trading system. It requires you first to pursue the proper education, then backtest what you have learnt. You will get to test your strategies and prove to yourself that these work by initially using historical data, then by using a  ‘practice account’ using the current live date, before risking your capital in the real-world live markets. 


While these are some lesser-known tips, true excellence for FX trading comes when you understand the industry. For that, proper education and knowledge are indispensable. If you can get the appropriate training and qualify to be a consistent trader through backtesting, you will most certainly witness fantastic results in the future.


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