When you want to make a great cocktail, the first thing you need is to ensure you have the right tools with you. Making cocktails is an art, and in the same way that a painter cannot accomplish his work without a dependable brush, any aspiring mixologist must arm themselves with a good shaker. Even bartenders for hire often have a whole host of tools that can make you mistake them for lab scientists.

Although it appears daunting, cocktail making London is a lot easier than many people think. In this article, we tell you the tools that are a must-have for an aspiring cocktail mixer.

A jigger

Cocktail making is just art as it is a science. It only takes one misstep and you have ruined everything. Precision is vital when you want to make a top-notch cocktail, and that’s where you are going to need a jigger. As any aspiring cocktail making London professional will tell you, this is an indispensable tool to have in your locker. There are tons of options when it comes to purchasing a jigger. However, experienced bartenders for hire go for tall, small, and cone-shaped jiggers. If you are the type that likes adding some personal touch, there are several color options you can choose from.

A shaker

Of all the essential cocktail making London tools, shakers are the coolest tools any aspiring mixologist will want to have. Shakers come in all types of shapes and sizes, but the two most common ones are the Boston Shaker and Cobbler Cocktail Shaker. A typical cocktail shaker contains a built-in shaker complete with a fitted top. If you want to make cocktails at home, the Cobbler shaker is as good an option as any. However, because of its versatility, the Boston shaker has emerged as the no.1 option for bartenders.

The Boston shaker has two sides, a metal jug covering the top end to create the seal, and a pint glass. To seal and separate the two, you need a decent tap to be at the right place. Bartenders for hire love it because it lets cocktails cool a lot faster, and it also significantly cuts the shaking time. With reduced shaking time, you have more drinking time.

A strainer

The Boston shaker comes complete with a built-in strainer, which isn’t the same for a Cobbler shaker. Most bartenders go for the Hawthorne strainer, the kind that is put on top of the glass where it strains your drink. The strainer is fitted with a special string that ensures no herb or fruit escapes. Then there are those who swear by double straining. Double straining means that the cocktail is strained twice through two different strainers. Also, it allows you to get rid of the smallest pulp so your cocktail making London experience will be flawless.

Firstly, you put the Hawthorne strainer onto the top part of the shaker. Next, you place a fine strainer atop the serving glass and then pour cocktail and allow it to flow is the two strainers that you are double-straining.

Bar spoon

This is a special type of spoon made with metal and has a long spiral handle that makes it perfect for stirring drinks. The reason for the long handle is to enable you to pour the cocktail along the spiral, creating layered cocktails. The spoon is better than an ordinary spoon since it fits in virtually any kind of glassware. Also, because cocktails require different types of glassware, bartenders find bar spoons a handy invention.


If you want to make Mojito or Caipirinha, a muddler will be required to process the herbs. It requires a bit of technique although the most important reason for it is that it awakens the aromas without necessarily bruising them. You don’t want your cocktail to be bruised because it produces a chemical that damages cocktail taste. The work of a muddler is helping you to process the herbs gently into a paste.

Citrus Juicer

The good thing with a citrus juicer is that many bartenders for hire probably already have it in their kitchen cabinets. This simple deep and round dish contains a cone for squeezing the juice from any citrus fruits. The advanced juicers even come fitted with a strainer for ensuring that the pulp is separated from the juice. Fresh juice can greatly enhance the taste of your cocktail, which is why you want to use your juicer to extract the juice while it is still fresh.

Channel Knife

You want the cocktail to be set in front of your guests just when the party gets down. A channel knife makes the drink mix so beautiful as to leave guests bamboozled. Channel knives refer to small knives that are shaped like a spoon and are used to garnish by peeling thin, long spirals from citric fruits.

It styles the cocktail, which is why it has become a fancy tool for most bartenders. Also, a fancy knife makes your cocktail preparation tools look next-level.


Cocktail making can utilize unlimited number of glassware. And when it comes to glasses, you can never run out of varieties. If clothes make a man as they say, then cocktails are what make drinks. Good glass can make your cocktail infinitely more attractive and attention-grabbing. Among the glasses, you will need include are a Couple glass, Old Fashioned glass, a Martini glass, and a Collins.

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