If you are in this post you are probably starting your master’s thesis in marketing and you are looking for some extra help to get started which you can find through dissertation assistance service or do itself. Let us tell you that you are in the right place, in this article we are not only going to give you some ideas that can help you get started, but we are also going to give you the keys to make your project a success.

The first thing you need to know is that a thesis, in this case, a master’s thesis, is a research project whose objective is for the student to demonstrate all the knowledge acquired during his or her career. 

With this research project, the student is qualified for scientific research, that is to say, the production of knowledge for his or her field of study. 

However, in most cases, students arrive with very few or no tools to face this type of project. If this is your case, do not worry, we are going to develop the step by step so that you feel accompanied in this process. 

How to find a good thesis topic?

To begin with, you need a good topic for your master’s thesis in marketing. We could say that this is a crucial point for the success of your project since your topic must meet certain characteristics. To choose your thesis topic you will then have to think about several factors:

  • It must be relevant to your area of study
  • It is essential that there are sources of information within your reach so that your research can be carried out. That is to say that you have access to the sources and that they are in your native language or one that you can understand
  • Another important factor is that you have the resources, both in terms of time and funding, to address the topic of your master’s thesis in education
  • Finally, and most importantly, it must be a topic that interests, motivates, and excites you. Keep in mind that you may be working on your project for a few months, so if the topic is not of interest to you, you may run the risk of becoming unmotivated and abandoning your project

A good idea you can implement is to look for some inspiration in academic thesis repositories. There you will find many projects and you can surely find some topics of your interest. On the other hand, share with your colleagues your list of possible topics, analyze them calmly taking into account the characteristics mentioned above. 

This step may take some time, but we recommend you to proceed calmly as it will be the basis for your project to be successful. 

What are the parts of a master’s thesis in marketing?

Once you have chosen your research topic for your master’s thesis in marketing and it has been approved by your tutor, you should move on to the first part of the project. 

If you have gotten this far, you have already completed a similar project that earned you your bachelor’s degree. To advance in a master’s degree, it is a mandatory condition to have a previous academic degree. However, you may need to refresh what are the parts of a thesis. Broadly speaking, there is a more or less general structure in all cases, which of course may differ according to the nature of the research topic or the University’s guidelines for writing a thesis.

The following is a model structure for you to take as a reference when writing your master’s thesis in marketing:

  • Title page
  • Prologue
  • Summary or Abstract
  • Table of Contents 
  • Introduction
  • Choice of topic
  • Justification
  • Statement of the problem
  • Objectives
  • Theoretical and conceptual framework
  • Methodological framework
  • Data collection techniques
  • Interpretation of results and data analysis
  • Conclusions
  • Bibliography and appendix
  • Final presentation
  • Defense

Each section has its own formula, that is to say, it has certain characteristics that you should take into account when writing it. 

Research methods for the elaboration of master’s thesis in marketing

When we talk about the research method, we refer to the steps that must be followed to carry out the research. It is important to keep in mind which method we will use for our master thesis in Finance. The method will depend on the research question, i.e. the problem statement as well as the focus of the object of study and the objectives pursued with the research.

The following research methods are among the most commonly used by students in graduate marketing programs:

Keys to make your Master’s Thesis a success

When writing your master’s thesis in education, it will be vital to follow your university’s thesis guidelines. Each academic center has its own regulations and rules for writing a thesis. You may be able to find this guide on the official website of your university or consult with your thesis advisor.

  • Remember to cite all sources of information in the required citation style: APA, Vancouver, Chicago, Harvard, etc.
  • Organize and manage your time so that you can dedicate a few hours to your project every day
  • Review and proofread your project before submitting it


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