With the increasing popularity of online casinos, more and more developers are looking to offer new games for players to try their hand at. They’re also looking to form new casinos that want to not only offer players an exciting experience but to also make a bit of money for themselves. Luckily, reputable casinos are pretty easy to spot as they need to be licensed by the Gambling Commission per according to British law. As such, the GC’s logo should be able to be discovered somewhere on the site’s page. Most reputable casinos will even include their registration number to further prove that the logo isn’t a fake.

Fakes do exist, however, and as such, if a player is looking to join a casino that hasn’t been reviewed by numerous sources, then they might want to do a bit of research beforehand. After all, casinos that aren’t regulated by the Gambling Commission are not only illegal, but they are also notorious for stealing players’ money and leaving them high and dry. As such, it is paramount that players take the initial step in locating the GC logo on any new gambling site and confirming the registration number if they have one posted.

To further help the player out, here’s a list of GC-certified mobile gambling sites that are safe to play.

1. Grosvenor

This casino has actually been in service since the 1970s. Once online gambling began to make its popularity known, Grosvenor made their switch into the online world and has seen incredible success since. This site is not only licensed by the Gambling Commission, but it also goes a few steps further to providing safety for their players by offering speedy and secure transmission. They even give back to some sites devoted to helping gamblers in trying times. If that wasn’t enough, Grosvenor offers exciting live games and thrilling slots for players to indulge themselves with.

2. Dunder

A brand new casino to the playing field is Dunder. Just because they’re new, however, doesn’t mean they’ve cut corners on safety and legitimacy. They’re licensed by the GC and have Comodo Encryption to offer safe transactions, too. Since they’re a new casino, they’re also offering a lot of RTP for players, so gamers can potentially earn quite a bit of money back from their slot games and other games. Speaking of their slots, however, Dunder offers a staggering 1,000 slot games to choose from.

3. Grand Ivy

Besides being licensed by the UKGC, the Grand Ivy casino also has SSL Encryption to offer their players further security for their deposits and withdraws. One of the best features of this casino is their generous welcome bonus for new players. Gamblers who have a preference for table games will find plenty to be played here. In addition to that, they also have live casino games for those who are looking for a classic experience.


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